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At Web Innovation, we help you rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our optimisation service can help your business substantially increase the number of visitors to your website, which will result in more customers.

We provide everything you need to get to the top of search engine listings. This includes:

  • Conducting an SEO audit of your current website
  • Developing a personalised strategy for your business
  • Researching the best keywords to target
  • Optimising your website to meet search engines requirements
  • Carrying out SEO training with you and your staff

This is the type of knowledge they don’t teach in schools. Let our specialists help you boost your ranking position and sales today.

Trust · Well, if Google thinks you’re the best…

As customers, we trust the search engine rankings. You type in what you’re looking for and the search engine tells you which websites have got what you’re looking for. And most of us never go further than that first page of the results. In fact,

90% of people never move off the 1st page of search engine results.

That because as consumers we trust their website rankings. And, for you as a business, if you’re at the top of that first page in the Google or Bing search results, you can benefit from that trust too.

Not only will your brand be seen as an authority related to that SEO Keyword, but you’ll build trust with potential customers that yours is a product or service that is safe to purchase. And your sales will increase as a result.

Competition · Why I cannot find my website on Google?

Often when you launch a website nothing happens. It seems like nobody visits it. Why? There are more than 60 trillions individual pages competing with each other to rank #1 on search engines. Why?

Have you ever started clicking on the links from the bottom of the page up? No? Most other people either. They start at the top of the page, and stop when they find what they’re looking for. In fact,

33% of all organic search traffic goes to the 1st link in Google’s search engine results.

It’s the reason that SEO and content marketing has become such a focus for companies. With so much competition, to drive traffic to your website, you have to have a robust strategy, invest in the best search engine optimisation techniques and make sure each and every page of your website provides as much value to your visitors as it is possible.

Definition · What are search engine optimisation services?

Search engines are designed to help people find what they are looking for. If they stop being useful and start giving people bad results, people will stop using them.

To give people the most useful search results, Bing uses over 1,000 ranking signals while Google has even 10,000 variations of them. How your website complies with these different factors help these search engine results decide whether and in what order to place you in the results, compared to your competition.

So what are these factors? They can largely be divided into two groups. The first group of factors all assess the Relevance of your site to what a person searched for, the second group classify the Importance of your website, they compare you as an authority to other relevant sites.

We can help advise you develop strategies and implement best practice SEO techniques and tools to make sure you’re seen as both relevant and important to the search engine algorithms.

Relevance · Have you got the content they need?

Relevance is the first step or hurdle your website needs to overcome. If someone types in a search, the first thing the search engines check is whether the information on your page is relevant to what the person is looking for. If it decides you are not relevant, your page will not be considered for display in the search result.

To make your website pages relevant, you have to first understand your potential customers. What are the keywords they would search for? What questions might they want answered?

We then audit your website to see how relevant your content is to these types of searches. Do you have pages that contain the relevant information and search terms? Do links to the page come from relevant pages and use relevant anchor text? We can make sure they do.

Importance · How good is the content you have?

Once the search engine decides that you have relevant content, your website is through the first hurdle. But now the search engine needs to decide in what order your content should appear in the results. Is it the best and most informative answer to the search users question?

It decides how important your content is compared to other websites by a number of measures, but one of the most significant, is how important other people thought it was. Has your content been cited or referenced by other websites? In a similar way that an academic paper increases in importance, the more people that cite and reference it, so does the content on your website.

These references and citations are measured by the number of links to your content in the online world. Links from other websites and blogs all increase the value of your content in the eyes of the search engine. And it’s not just the number of links, it’s the quality too. A link from an industry leading website, will be given more value than a link from another small website without much traffic.

Timeframe · Search engine optimisation is a process, not a switch

Results take time, but they are worth it. SEO strategy is not a magic switch that can be turned on to put your business in that coveted first spot. It is more a marathon, than a sprint.

If you’re being promised instant results by a company, you should be cautious. It doesn’t provide quick results, usually it takes 3-6 month before you see the results. But once your strategy has been implemented and your rankings improve the benefits to your business could be huge. You’ll be exposed to a much broader range of new potential customers, you’ll be seen as an industry leader and will see much higher visitor numbers to your website.

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