Web design · Custom Design of Your Online Storefront

You can be small or large. You can be local or global. But one things for sure – having a responsive, user friendly and professional website will be vital to your success. If you’re missing one, you are missing one of the greatest sales tools available to businesses today.

At Web Innovation, we can design your dream site from scratch or redesign your existing one. And it’s not just your website, we can provide you with a full online solution. One that’s custom designed to meet your needs, whether that’s ongoing support and maintenance, SEO strategies and online advertising campaigns. We offer a one-stop solution for all your online marketing needs.


Attention · Designs that reflect your brand

You’ve got less than one second to make a good first impression online! At Web Innovation our web designers make use of it. We create designs that are,

  • Modern and following trends
  • Stylish and visually appealing
  • An extension of you and your brand
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Communicating your unique selling points
  • Informative and compelling for your customers
  • Convert prospects to customers

UX · Best mobile browsing experience

According to Google, over 60% of searches are now carried out on mobile devices. That’s why our websites are designed to provide the best mobile browsing experience for your customers.

If you want responses, your website needs to be responsive. All our websites will automatically adjust to the size of the screen your customer is browsing on, making the experience enjoyable and information easy to find. In fact, our web designs are created for mobile first. Visitors, will no longer accept sites where they need to zoom into text to read it on a phone. Why should they, when there are so many competitor sites that will offer a better experience?

Results · Convert visitors to customers

We don’t just create website for people to visit, we design them so people will stay and keep coming back. So how do we convert your visitors into customers? By using best-practice tried and tested web design and development techniques;

  • Using clear Calls to Action (CTA’s) throughout your website
  • Using clear language and communication of benefits
  • Organising the structure of your website to make it easy to understand and navigate
  • Identifying what your customers want and making sure they can find it
  • Using contrasting colours, imagery and fonts to engage your customers
  • Developing unique and useful content
  • Testing and analysing different designs
  • Retargeting previous visitors who haven’t yet converted

Sales · Developing your business site

If you don’t have a website, you’re missing one of the greatest sales tools you can have to get new customers in the door. We’ll help you develop your ultimate salesman. One that will work 24 hours a day to provide your customers with the information they want, when they want it.

Investing in the development of a new business website, can transform your business by:

  • Helping you access new customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Helping your customers contact and locate your business
  • Driving awareness of your business and your brand
  • Giving your customers the information they want, when and where they want
  • Improving your customers in-store experience
  • Reducing the workload of your staff
  • Demonstrating your business expertise

All of which will help do one thing – increase your profits!

Ecommerce · Adding online payments functionality to your website

Why limit your sales to your geographical location? The world could be your customer – you just need to start using the technology that is at your fingertips so they can purchase there and then. Our ecommerce website design solutions allow you:

  • Showcase and sell your products directly on your website
  • Expand your customer base outside your location
  • Easily update your products with access to a content management system
  • Manage payments securely via debit card, credit card, PayPal or even bitcoin

Let’s get started on your dream website

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